Want To Sell Your Home Before Christmas?

Written by: Category: News August 30, 2018

Want To Sell Your Home Before Christmas? Act Now

When it comes to selling your home, it is likely that you have a deadline or moving date in mind. If you want To sell your home before Christmas many vendors planning their move will start with a date they would like to be concluded by and then work backwards from there to come up with a starting date. The average time for a property sale in the United Kingdom with respect to the time between an offer being accepted and the moving date is 13 weeks, and this is the guideline that homeowners should work with. In fact, most vendors will give themselves a few more weeks space to allow for difficulties or unforeseen circumstances.

Given that as of the final week of August, there are just 17 weeks to Christmas, anyone looking to have sold their home by the festive season should start very soon. Christmas seems like a long way away and hopefully there will still be a few months before we are bombarded with festive adverts on TV but given the complexities associated with property deals, if you want to have sold your home before Christmas, you need to act now.

Does the festive deadline impact on you?

The festive deadline is likely to be a major issue for many homeowners to consider and some industry experts have cited the Christmas deadline as a factor in asking prices dipping. In 2018, there has been considerable concern about the gap between asking prices and sales prices. While asking prices still outstrip sales prices by a notable amount, the fact that sales prices are falling, by a level of 2.3% based on the move between July and August. The average asking price has also fallen by 0.1% compared to the August 2017 figure. The average UK asking price is listed as £301,973.

The Head of Lending at the Mortgage Advice Bureau, Brian Murphy, released a statement, saying; “With the festive season a mere 18 weeks away, today’s report focuses the mind somewhat on those who want to be in their new home before Christmas, and highlights the relatively short opportunity for would-be buyers to find a property in order to be in ready to put up the lights and tree. The reality is that for those who wish to transact in the window available, it’s key for those in the market to be highly organised and ideally, to get their lending arrangements in place before doing anything else so as to not create a delay in a few weeks’ time.”

Take steps to speed up the moving process

If you are looking to sell your home before Christmas, there are several things you should consider doing right now:

  • Enlist the services of a skilled and experience local estate agent
  • Calculate your finances and work out your budget for the move
  • Start to review your belongings and determine what you want to take with you and what you can throw away
  • Tidy up your garden during the last pleasant days of summer

At VitalSpace, we know that having your property move completed before Christmas is important for many people. We are here to help you sell your home in an efficient and effective manner, and we look forward to assisting you with a timely move.

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