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Written by: Category: News June 5, 2018

Located in Trafford with a population in excess of 40,000 (as per the 2011 census), Trafford lies around six miles from the heart of the centre of Manchester. Urmston property hunters feel the location offers a fantastic option for people working in the city or who enjoy the entertainment and leisure options available in Manchester, but this would overlook the many great assets that Urmston can offer. People who are looking at property in Urmston will find that this is a fashionable area that is welcoming youngsters and people moving on to the property ladder.

As of October 2017, the average value of property in Urmston was £229,784 with the average price paid for property in the past 12 months stands at £230,731. In the past six months, the average price paid for Urmston property was £230,824 and in the past three months, this figure stands at £227,248. This is a fairly consistent figure and while the average price paid for Urmston property in the past year stands above the figure paid across Manchester (coming in at £177,597), many believe that the value for money and lively atmosphere in Urmston more than provides great value for money.

Urmston has a lot to offer

While there are many factors that influence what people feel about their local area, there is no doubt the range of amenities on offer in an area has a role to play when people look for property. You are not just buying a house or apartment, you want to live in an area that is right for you and will help you make the most out of life. When you have publications like The Times stating that Trafford is the best destination to buy property in the North West of England, it is clear that a change is taking place. This can be seen in the range of new restaurants and bars in the area.

One venture that has caught the eye of Urmston property hunters is The Surgery. While residents with experience of URMSTON will be aware that the build used to house the doctor’s surgery, the new look of the restaurant provides it with a very different feel. This is a stylish eatery with a family-friendly feel, which means that you don’t need to venture into the centre of Manchester to enjoy a city-centre style night out.

There has also been a pleasing trend of local businesses growing and developing in Urmston. Santorini is a Greek restaurant which has evolved out of the dining options provided at The Steamhouse, and is run by the same people. There is also Get Chucked, which began life as a pop-up venture but given the demand for the beer and burgers, this is now a permanent fixture in the local area.

There has also been a switch to craft beer and home-made efforts in recent times and as you’d expect, Urmston is able to deliver on this front. The Barking Dog is an alehouse which also offers a fantastic range of cocktails, gins and home-cooked food. This should ensure that there is a best of both worlds feel on offer and again, this is the sort of local venture that will convince people that they don’t need to travel into the heart of Manchester to have a fantastic night out. Other craft beer options for aficionados include the Prairie Schooner Taphouse and the Craft Boutique.

There has been a gradual change to what Urmston offers

While the heart of the drinking and dining scene in Urmston has evolved in recent times, it would be fair to say that this has grown from the change in demographic in recent years. At first, Urmston was changing with younger people and families moving in while the bars and restaurants didn’t alter. Of course, after a while when people settle and there is a realisation that people are in for the long haul, it is only natural that businesses cater for their taste. There is also the fact that over time, people want more great options on their doorstep, so there has been a natural coming together of the needs of local people and local businesses.

A key factor in the awakening of the food sector comes from the fact that Urmston Market bought into the desire for new and exciting food options. Altrincham is the area that has probably been most recognised for its new food market, and Stockport is trying to muscle in on the act too, but while the Altrincham market change was driven by commercial entities, there has been a grassroots feel to the work carried out in Urmston Market.

This is also important because people are looking to buy local and support people or firms in their local community. A lot of people love the idea of a thriving area and when you have markets and ventures in the way that Urmston has today, there is a sense of connectivity. There is obviously a lot of hard work required to sustain this development but with Urmston appealing to younger people, it is likely that there will be a great level of demand for restaurants, bars and property in this part of Manchester for many years to come.

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