Selling your house in Autumn

Are you thinking of selling your house this Autumn?

Written by: Category: News, Selling October 8, 2023

Looking to move this Autumn?

September, the summer holidays have finished and the kids are back at school. Normality to life returns and property buyers are on the hunt for a new home. If you’re planning on selling your house in Autumn ready for the autumn influx of buyers, we are here to help you make the most of one of the busiest times of the year for property sales. The property market often sees a surge of interested buyers, keen move by Christmas. Gardens should still look good and there is sunshine (hopefully) to help with presentation for photographs and viewings.

Have a good tidy up

It’s the simplest tip, but a bit of elbow grease can make the world of difference and is the best place to start. A good tidy-up and clean will stand you in good stead for photographs and viewings. Put the picnic blankets and sports equipment back where it lives – you can always get them back out again next year to take advantage of the late summer sun.


Autumn is a great time to consider an interior design makeover especially if selling your house in Autumn. According to interior designers we have consulted, warm autumnal colours such as terracotta and chocolates are perennially popular. Accent colours on walls, cushions and picture frames will keep your property on trend without breaking the bank. And also make sure you have air testing done. People will want to see the report to make sure there isn’t any harmful chemicals.


Remember that the nights will begin to draw in earlier now. If possible, try to arrange viewings with potential purchasers during daylight hours – at weekends and before 7pm. That way your viewers will see your property in the best possible light. If arranging viewing during daylight hours isn’t an option due to other commitments, change the lightbulbs. New lightbulbs will give out more light, helping your viewers to appreciate every corner of your property. Natural daylight bulbs are good for rooms with big windows whilst softer, gold tones work well to evoke a cosy atmosphere. Think about what feelings you want your viewers to have in each room; spacious, cosy or bright, and select your bulbs for each room accordingly. You can always change them back to energy-savers when the viewers leave. If you want to retain the energy-savers, the planet will certainly heave a sigh of relief, but remember to switch your lights on well before viewers arrive. And never forget about the outdoors – use all the information on landscape lighting available.


Ensure your home is feeling warm and welcoming this autumn when buyers come for a viewing. Keep your heating on a low but constant setting and put it on a timer so it switches on an hour before viewers arrive. Another nice touch is if you have a fire, light it just before the estate agent arrives, provided you are home to keep an eye on it. A lit fire can transform the atmosphere of any room and provide a real focal point. If you don’t have a fire, you could use fairy lights on a battery pack, which will still give off a nice, warm glow.


Autumn leaves fall everywhere, especially when you don’t want them to. Trimming the hedges, pruning the roses, raking the leaves and mowing the lawns are essential. While you are busy cleaning the inside of your house during the inspection process (a tip: use the commercial floor cleaners service for better result), organise a gardener to maintain the garden for you throughout the selling procedure. It can be worth spending a bit of time, even borrowing a strimmer and the best push mower, to get the garden looking as good as it can before buyers come around: in my experience, no matter how small, no matter how overgrown, nearly all buyers will want to look ‘out the back’

Whether we like it or not, autumn is here. The chilly season is lurking in the shadows and If you are planning on Selling your house in Autumn why not contact VitalSpace Estate Agents to see how we can help.

Are you thinking of Selling your house in Autumn?

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