How important is it which way your garden faces?

The more light your garden receives, the better.

Written by: Category: News July 1, 2017

How important is it which way your garden faces?

The importance of the direction your garden faces depends on what you want from your garden. It is easy to see why so many people, and property experts, advocate buying a home with a south facing garden area. In the United Kingdom, gardens that face towards the south are in higher demand because these are the ones that provide you with a greater level of sunlight. So just How important is it which way your garden faces?

A quick breakdown of the sunlight that gardens receive is as follows:

  • Gardens that face north receive the least light and can be damp
  • Gardens that face south receive the most light
  • Gardens that face east receive light in the morning
  • Gardens that face west receive light in the late afternoon and evening

However, it may be that you have different demands for your garden. If you have a young family, you may decide that a shaded garden area is the better option to protect your children. In fact, many people prefer the idea of sitting in shade as opposed to the sun, so it could be that many people are interested in what a north facing garden has to offer.

Do you really need the benefits of a south facing garden?

If you are not interested in socialising and don’t intend to make much use of your garden area, do you really need to focus on obtaining a property with a south-facing garden? If there are two similar properties and the south-facing garden property has a higher level of demand for it and a higher price tag, you can save money and be no worse off by opting for the garden that faces north.

If you plan on gardening how important is it which way your garden faces?

The more light at your property the better, because this will provide you with more opportunities. This means more opportunities to work in your garden and a wider choice in what you can grow effectively in your garden. However, it is possible to grow plants, flowers and vegetables in gardens that face north, but you will need to work with these restrictions in mind. Of course, some gardeners will appreciate this challenge and if you are able to work out the areas of moist soil as opposed to dry soil, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a blooming garden, regardless of where it faces.

How important is it which way your garden faces?

Your personality may determine what garden you need

There is also the fact that your personality or nature may influence the decision that you make. If you are a morning person, the idea of enjoying the sun rising while you eat your breakfast and catch up on the news of the day can be very appealing. Whether you are in your garden or sitting in a conservatory area, someone who intends to use their garden in the morning will find that an east facing garden is best for your needs. If you like the idea of relaxing on the patio or in your conservatory after work, a west facing garden may be the best option for you. The size and shape of your garden may also impact on what you can do with it or what benefit you get from the weather. It could even be that external factors like tall buildings or trees limit your garden’s ability to benefit from the sun.

All things being equal, it is likely that a property with a south facing garden will be in greater demand. This allows for BBQs and socialising to take place in the best conditions, and this is the sort of thing that many people will appreciate and be able to benefit from. However, different people are looking for different things and this is as true for your garden as it is for your property. No matter what direction your garden faces, embrace it, and make the most of it.

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