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What is the difference between a good and bad letting agents

Written by: Category: Landlords July 10, 2021

The Difference Between A Good And Bad Lettings Agent

With so many lettings agents to choose from in Manchester, you have no shortage of options when it comes to letting your property. However, not its worth knowing that all lettings agents are the same!!

If you are looking to let your property, there are a few things you may want to know to spot the difference between a good and bad lettings agent. After all, if you have a good letting agent working on your behalf, you are far more likely to achieve success as a landlord.

At VitalSpace, we like to think we are good letting agents. Having received many industry awards for our service, we have a strong track record of achieving the best results for our landlords.

What to expect from a good lettings agent?

A good letting agent without doubt will deliver better results. A few key services should include:

  • Rent payments each month, in full and on time alongside statements supporting the income
  • Your legal requirements are taken care of, contracts, certificates etc
  • Sourcing the most suitable tenant and conducting comprehensive credit references
  • A comprehensive photographic inventory will be carried out
  • Regular inspections, minimising problems and effectively handling any maintenance issues
  • You received hassle free income from your rental property with little to no involvement

If the above elements are not included within a lettings agents service, I would think again about using them.

At VitalSpace, we offer a comprehensive range of services to suit the need of our landlord. Why not take a look at the range of lettings services we provide.

Check to see if an agent is regulated

A good lettings agent is far more likely to be regulated than a bad letting agent. When an agent is regulated, this stands as a sign of their pedigree, and in the event of something going wrong, you have a plan of recourse. Hopefully you will never need to use this, but if you do have an issue with an agent, it is comforting to know they are regulated, as it allows you to raise complaints.

VitalSpace Estate Agents is proud to be a bonded member of ARLA providing peace of mind to any prospective landlords. Membership to ARLA is attained only when an Estate Agents demonstrate that they have a thorough knowledge of their business in accordance with the current ‘best management’ practices.

As qualified members of ARLA, we work to impeccable professional standards having sat and pass exams to demonstrate we have sufficient expert knowledge covering health and safety, law, and property management. Not only that but we operate a client account and follow strict accounting rules, developed for solicitors. Our accounts and lettings processes are audited annually by an independent Chartered Accountant.

Some of the benefits you enjoy because we are ARLA Propertymark licenced and accredited include:

  • We work to impeccable professional standards, and we have sat and passed exams on topics such as law, property management and health and safety
  • We operate client accounts and follow strict accounting rules, providing you with competent service and peace of mind
  • Our letting processes and accounts are audited annually by an independent chartered accountant

You might be surprised at how few letting agents are regulated, and we believe it is a strong indicator in differentiating between good and bad lettings agent.

A good lettings agent will share reviews and testimonials

When it comes to feeling confident about a lettings agent, or any professional, reviews and testimonials count for a lot.

It’s not always about experience. Working in an industry for many years should be a positive sign, but some people and firms manage to operate for many years without necessarily being great at their job or offering a good service. Therefore, in addition to longevity, you need to see positive reviews, and if a letting agent doesn’t share testimonials or customer feedback, it should set alarm bells ringing.

At VitalSpace, we are more than happy to share customer reviews and testimonials. Our team works hard to deliver the best outcomes for our clients, and we take great pride in knowing we make a difference. Check out some of our customer reviews.

If you are in need of a lettings agent, you want guidance and advice from a trusted expert. At VitalSpace, we listen, ensuring our service is bespoke to your needs, after all, a service that has been right for other landlords might not be ideal for you.

Our aim to to provide a bespoke lettings service suitable to all landlords. Whether you are an experienced landlord, buy to let investor, or maybe unable to sell your property at present, as a professional letting agent, we offer a choice of services providing a flexible approach for your needs. Whether you choose to use our tenancy management package or simply use our tenant find service, we can help you get the most out of your property, simply request a free market appraisal. Our dedicated and professional lettings team will work tirelessly to find you the best tenant in the shortest possible time period. Our aim is to ensure renting your property a stress free venture.

A good agent is transparent

Transparency is crucial. A good letting agent will be happy to show how they operate, and provide you with information. A good agent will detail where they store tenant deposits, how often they check properties, and how up to date the rental accommodation is with respect to compliance matters, electric certificates, gas certificates etc.

A good agent will offer all this information upfront; a bad agent will not offer it all or make you wait a long time.

We appreciate there is considerable uncertainty at these times, and landlords want clear guidance. We are more than happy to provide as much assistance and information as you can. We can be contacted in many ways, which means you can connect with us from the comfort of your own home.

If you need any assistance, please contact VitalSpace today.

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