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Selling during the Autumn months

Selling your house in Autumn

Written by: Category: News, Selling October 10, 2017

Selling during Autumn

While spring is the traditional time to sell property, it is fair to say that the property market is a year round affair these days. The emergence of the internet as a tool in the property market and the high level of demand mean that there is no bad time to sell your property. If you are thinking of selling during autumn, the same selling tips that should be applied throughout the year are still relevant. However, there are some special selling tips during the winter months and you should apply these when selling your home.

Show photos from around the year

While you want to show up to date photos of your home on property portals, there is no harm in showing photos of your home from the rest of the year. In fact, this is providing more relevant infuriation to interested buyers, so this should help to make your property stand out from the crowd.

If there is an element of your home or property that excels at a certain time of year, sharing a photo or video content of it will do you no harm at all.

Focus on clearing up leaves and making the garden look tidy

While clearing your home and garden is sensible at all times when selling your home, during autumn, pay extra attention to leaves and debris. With the wind rising, you’ll find that leaves and rubbish can gather quickly, and you should devote time to clearing these away as quickly as possible. You will also want to devote time to clearing out the guttering and drainpipes of your home at this time of year.

Be proactive with your heating system, pipes and boiler

If you have people visiting your home, you want to make sure that your property is in great condition. One of the worst things that could happen would be for your central heating system to stop working, for your boiler to break down or for your pipes to become blocked.

This is why you should be proactive and ensure that all of these aspects are in good condition before you place your property on the market. When you minimise the likelihood of problems arising, you improve your chances of selling your home.

Use additional lights inside and out if necessary

With the days and nights becoming darker, you want to ensure that you have sufficient lighting inside and outside of your property. If this means investing in some new lights or buying brighter bulbs, so be it because it will help to make your property more presentable at this time of year.

Accept there will be fewer attendees at showings, so focus on making an event

One thing that property owners need to be aware of is that in autumn, fewer people will attend your home for a viewing than in spring or summer. You may still have a high volume of people promising to attend at your property but with the weather being more changeable, you’ll find that fewer people actually turn up. This means you need to wow the people that do attend. You may also want to consider arranging big events or an open house to encourage as many people to come along as you can.

Find out about the potential buyers – can you help them meet their needs?

As SELLING DURING AUTUMN a less common time of year for property sales, according to the traditional view of the market, it may be that interested buyers have a specific reason or deadline to buy. If you can find out what is driving potential buyers to look for property at this time of year, you can place yourself in a better position to meet these demands.

Add a seasonal touch but not too much

In the run-up to Halloween, why not add a seasonal touch of flair to the outside of your property. This will show that you are in touch with what is happening and it can make your home stand out. However, do not go overboard with seasonal touches or leave them up beyond a reasonable date as this will ensure people remember your home for all of the wrong reasons.

There is absolutely no reason why selling during autumn should cause you problems. However, to ensure you increase your chances of sale, follow these tips to sell your property in autumn

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