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Selling an empty house with an Old Trafford Estate Agent

Selling an empty house with an Old Trafford Estate Agent

Written by: Category: Selling May 14, 2016

old trafford estate agents sell empty houses

How to sell an empty house in Old Trafford

Selling a home is far from impossible but it does represent a different challenge than trying to sell a home that has a family living in it. This means you should do things in a different manner while looking to provide potential buyers with the best information, guidance and property that meets their needs. Whether someone is currently living in the home or not, there is a need to make a positive first impression and this means you need to focus on the curb appeal of the home. Sometimes this can be easier when there is no one living in the property but if the property has been empty for a while and the garden is unkempt, there may be a lot of work to do. Ideally, working with an experienced Old Trafford Estate Agent will assist in advising you on any handy tips to improve the overall presentation of your property.

An empty home allows you to make improvements without disrupting daily life.

If your Old Trafford property is empty, this may actually be a simpler process because you don’t need to worry about how the changes or work impacts on daily life. It also means you can create a layout that offers general benefits, which is always the preferred starting point when it comes to selling a property. One issue to consider when looking to sell an empty house is the condition of the property and what maintenance work needs to be carried out. There is a need to check all of the major appliances and components in the property before making it ready for potential buyers to view. This is a step that should be common sense but it can be one that is overlooked if people assume an empty house to be in good condition.

Too much space can be overwhelming.

While bare rooms can emphasis the sense of space of a room or property, too much space can sometimes be overwhelming. One of the key tips to selling a house is to allow people the chance to imagine they live there. This is why personal belongings and mementos should be kept to a minimum but equally, having bare rooms may be too much of a statement to make. If you are looking to sell an empty house, investing in affordable yet stylish furniture will help create a sense of purpose in rooms, allowing viewers to get a feel for the potential of the property. If there are any unique elements or factors about the home, play up on them. As an example, if there is a hardwood floor, make sure this looks in excellent condition by having it professionally cleaned or polished. The strongest selling point could be the fixtures and fittings, it could be door handles or it could be the window frames but if there is a unique feature about the property, it makes sense to enhance it before allowing viewings to take place.

The general tips for selling with any Old Trafford estate agents are still valid for selling an empty house but there is a need to pay attention to some aspects and there are some areas where an empty house provides a unique opportunity to present a stylish and attractive home.

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