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Property Marketing Is Reliant On exciting Images

Written by: Category: Selling October 22, 2017

When it comes to selling your property, how you market your home is an essential part of the overall process. Property marketing has evolved a lot in recent years and the emergence of the internet and online property portals has had a big impact on the market. There is a much improved chance to place your property in front of the tight sort of buyer, which is good news but of course, while this opportunity exists for you, it also exists for every other home on the market.

In order to sell your home, you need to show that your property is better than the competition and you also need to make sure that you grab attention of a potential buyer. The best way to quickly grab attention on online property portals is through the quality of images of your home and property. Considering the above, we find it surprising that some estate agents showcase poor marketing images when advertising property. Example found below:

Property Marketing

Photograph your home as if a viewing was taking place

When it comes to taking pictures of your home to use in your promotional activities, prepare your home as if an actual viewing was taking place. This means that you should clean thoroughly and declutter but you should also consider staging the property. Effective PROPERTY MARKETING is your chance to make a positive first impression and ensure potential buyers follow up their initial interest in your property, so it makes sense to appeal to them as much as you can. Working with an experienced agent will ensure that your property is staged in the best manner, and this means your images will be appealing.

Property Marketing 2

No matter how great your home is, if the images are of a poor standard, people aren’t even going to stop to find out more about what you have to offer. There will be some property specialists who say that you cannot sell a home on the back of good images alone, which is probably true, but it is also true to say that bad images can lose you a sale straight away.

You can add images of great local features

You should also consider adding good quality images of the surrounding area or notable features of the local area. If a key selling point of your home is the fact that there are strong transport options, good shops, fun bars and restaurants or even dependable schools, it will not hurt to add good quality images of these features as part of your images portfolio.

While good quality images are important, you shouldn’t provide too many pictures of your home. If a potential buyer loads up your page and sees that you have over 30 images listed, there is a good chance that they will log off and view the next property. When you overload a potential buyer with information, you create a situation that is as bad as providing them with not enough information, so be sensible when it comes to sharing images of your home.

When you need to make a great impression, it stands to reason that photographs really matter. This is why turning to a professional with experience in photographing homes as part of the promotional process is a good way to ensure you get ahead of your rivals. At VitalSpace, we use profressionally trained photographs to create our marketing material and video walkthrough’s.

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