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Mobile signal priority for first time buyers

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Written by: Category: Buying, News August 4, 2014

Check your mobile phone coverage when viewing property.

Reliable mobile phone signal is the number one priority for young home buyers, ahead of worries about crime levels, transport links and schools, according to new research.

Just under half of 18-35 year-olds said having a good mobile signal was their most important consideration when considering whether to buy a new home, compared to 26 per cent of those aged 55 and over. Strong signal ranked more highly among young buyers than the council tax band the property fell into, and hospital access. Consequently, schools ranked as the lowest concern when considering a property.

Nearly half of the 2,076 adults said they would reconsider renting or buying a house if they knew the mobile coverage would be poor, while 87 per cent said unreliable phone service was their biggest home pet hate.

Around 40 per cent admitted they’d considered switching networks over poor signal in their current home.

David Cox, Managing Director, Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), said the stress of buying a new home often led to buyers overlooking factors such as parking access, noise levels and phone signal.

With so many people reliant on their smart phone devices for work, social media and keeping in contact with friends and family, it is no surprise it is the top factor in young people’s wish list, he said.

Checking your mobile signal should become a routine action in every property you view, as a lack of phone signal could cause you a lot of hassle in the long run once you are living there.

Mobile coverage varies widely in the UK. Only 66% of the land area in the UK has 2G coverage from all mobile network operators (only 13% for 3G!) and the roll out of 4G is concentrated in a few larger cities, so it’s vital to check the network coverage in your area before you buy. Each mobile operator offers access to a mobile network coverage checker on their website. The below table can help you find out how strong each network’s coverage is in your area.

Three 99.5% 2G Coverage* 99% 3G Coverage* 4G launched late 2013 Check coverage
Vodafone 99.7% 2G Coverage* 80%+ 3G Coverage* 4G launched Aug 2013 Check coverage
EE mobile coverage
EE 99% 2G Coverage* 93% 3G Coverage* 93% 3G Coverage*
Check coverage

O2 Mobile Coverage

O2 99.5% 2G Coverage* 80%+ 3G Coverage* 4G launched Aug 2013 Check coverage
new-virgin-mobile-logo-100x100 Virgin Mobile 99% 2G Coverage* 93% 3G Coverage* N/A Check coverage

*Outdoor Coverage of UK Population

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