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Big changes ahead for Stretford

Big changes ahead for Stretford

Written by: Category: News December 30, 2017


With respect to figures provided by Zoopla, in the past 12 months, the average price paid for Stretford property stands at £200,310; a figure which is higher than the Manchester average (which is listed as £180,650). With this in mind, properties in Stretford are in hot demand and future planned development in the area will only increase interest from househunters looking to live in the area.

There are a number of developments planned for Stretford, and this is likely to make the area even more attractive in years to come.

A changing face could revitalise Stretford Mall

The retail options available in an area will have a big impact on demand for property from people who wish to live closeby. Stretford Mall is an integral part of local life. Clearly, the mall provides employment opportunities but there are social and functional benefits from having this outlet close at hand.

The owner of the mall has announced plans to demolish part of the centre and a planning application has been submitted to achieve this. The planned changes would help to improve the attractiveness of the premises while also offering better car parking solutions. There have been significant changes to the mall in recent times and further work could be instrumental in ensuring its effectiveness and utility to the local area for years to come.

It is not just the mall that could see changes in the near future. Like many areas, there is a Masterplan in place to modernise Stretford and to ensure that it provides a dependable and reliable service for residents and guests alike. Transport is one option that is being examined in the local area, there are plans to revitalise the local town hall and there is hope that new business opportunities can be explored at The Essoldo building and on Lacey Street. The plans would see the whole of the Lacy Street car park taken up with student apartments, including the 20-storey block, plus a cafe and shops at ground floor level. Trafford council says it will also open up the front of the Bridgewater Canal into a public square. It intends to use a compulsory purchase order (CPO) to acquire the old Essoldo building for a student hub – raising concerns from residents that it won’t be of wider benefit to the community. If these areas were developed, it would provide further incentive for tram connections and public transport options at these spots, thereby driving interest and benefits in the area.

Education impacts on demand for property

Education also has a big impact on the local community and it maybe that the Class of 92 will bring about changes in this area. This is because there are plans to introduce a further education location, called University Academy 92, which offers courses in sports, media and business. The university is set to be unveiled at the former Kellogg’s site in Stretford and there are hopes that the facility will be up and running by September of 2019. The university will work alongside Lancaster University.

If you are keen to stay in touch with Stretford developments and how the property market is reacting to these changes, we are pleased to provide you with the latest news, guidance and information on the Stretford property market and the Manchester market in general.

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